We provide optimum solutions in line with our customers’ needs.

We can handle everything in our capacity as a specialist cosmetic OEM company, from planning concepts and developing products to research, production and sales, ensuring that we provide optimum solutions in line with our customers’ needs.


Based on a clear understanding of market trends and other key factors, we work with our customers to offer solutions at every stage, from devising a product concept to designing containers and packaging.

Examining Prototypes

We continue to refine our solutions until the customer is satisfied with the end product, carefully examining everything from the type and ratio of each ingredient to the envisioned manufacturing processes.

Finalizing the Formula

When we have selected the best possible option to ensure customer satisfaction, we put in place the necessary production system (scaling up) and finalize the formula.

Manufacturing, Quality Control and Shipping

We quickly manufacture products as per the design, overseen by an appropriate quality control system. We pay close attention to every part of the process until the products reach the customer, from weighing filled products to lot printing, finishing, carrying out inspections and packaging.

Follow-up Services

We provide a range of flexible services, whether the customer wants to relaunch a product or change the packaging design.