We conduct ongoing research so that we are always one step ahead.

We place top priority on customer satisfaction and carry out comprehensive research to ensure that our products offer total safety and peace of mind. This includes everything from developing product technologies through to evaluating microorganisms, functionality, stability and safety, and researching new ingredients.

Areas of Research

New Materials

We carry out research with the aim of providing the world with groundbreaking new materials unlike anything seen before.


We conduct a wide range of research, from essential properties such as coloring and texture to the usability of makeup products.


We work on various different aspects of skincare, from developing new materials for use in products to improving safety.

Hair Care

We work with hair care products across all areas, focusing particularly on shampoos and conditioners.


Areas of research include natural whitening and anti-inflammatory capabilities, as well as UV protection.

Follow-up Services


We carry out a wide range of analysis, including the effects, efficacy and safety of individual products.


We provide management services for cutting-edge technologies, including strategic filing of patents and rigorous screening.

Pharmaceutical Legislation

We deal with all aspects of pharmaceutical legislation, with a particular emphasis on domestic and overseas regulations, and good manufacturing practice (GMP).