We operate a flexible production system, even when manufacturing varied products in small volumes.

From small lots to mass production, we provide support in line with our customers’ varied needs via our integrated production system, which includes vacuum emulsification tanks of varying sizes and a wide range of other production and filling equipment.

Manufacturing Plants

Tokyo Plant

Our Tokyo Plant is equipped with a full range of facilities to meet customers’ varied needs, from makeup to skincare.


Hanyu Plant

Our Hanyu Plant is equipped with huge vacuum emulsification tanks and a full range of filling equipment, enabling it to handle mass production.


Head Office Plant

Our Head Office Plant mainly manufactures foundation, eye shadow and other makeup products, but is also equipped to handle small-lot orders. Powder products are manufactured on a dedicated floor capable of handling the entire process. As well as manufacturing products quickly, this enables us to rigorously control the environment, so as to prevent powders from getting out and contaminants from getting in.